Swedish/Relaxation Massage
Relieve tension and fatigue with therapeutic massage. This calming massage will relax and refresh your muscles while improving circulation and the detoxifying functions of your lymphatic system.
30 Minutes $40.00 / 60 Minutes $65.00

Parental Massage
An essential part of a healthy pregnancy, this soothing massage will promote relaxation and relieve strained muscles. Both mother and baby will benefit from improved circulation and stress relief.
30 Minutes $40.00 / 60 Minutes $65.00

Stone Message
Heated and cooled stones are used to provide deep relaxation, improved circulation, and elimination of toxins. This is a unique massage experience to provide balance and harmony to your body's system.
90 Minutes $100.00

Sports Massage
Designed to enhance athletic performance, massage and stretching techniques are utilized to increase circulation and flexibility. This message will facilitate injury recovery while maintaining or increasing range of motion.
30 Minutes $40.00 / 60 Minutes $65.00

Deep Tissue Massage/Trigger Point Therapy
Directed toward the deeper tissue structures of the muscles and fascia, this message will loosen the bonds between the layers of connective tissues to relieve deep muscle pain and discomfort.
30 Minutes $45.00 / 60 Minutes $70.00

Focusing on special reflex points on the feet and ankles will stimulate the body's own healing forces. A relaxing and all-natural treat for your feet.
30 Minutes $45.00

Ear Candling
Dating back to the Ancient Egyptians, this gentle process helps eliminate excess earwax and debris from the ear canal. Clients have reported relief from restricted hearing, headaches, and dizziness.
Paraffin candles $35.00 /Beeswax candles $45.00

Chair Massage
Experience all the benefits of a traditional massage without the use of oils or the need to disrobe. You will have decreased muscle tension and reduced stress with only a few minutes of therapeutic massage in a chair specially designed for your comfort.
15 Minutes $20.00 / 30 Minutes $35.00